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Information on Drug Offenses

There are multiple ways that drugs are related to crime. Many studies indicate that drug users are more likely than nonusers to commit crimes. In addition, locations in which drug markets proliferate tend to be disadvantaged, both economically and socially. The proliferation of lethal weapons in recent years increased violence associated with the use and sale of drugs. This complex relationship of crime and drugs makes it difficult to quantify the legal issues associated with drugs. Lawmakers have often gone overboard in trying to quantify this indeterminate relationship by creating strict drug laws based on simplistic assumptions. Such simplistic assumptions often lead to uneven punishment for similar drug abuse. In addition, judges have more guidelines and less discretion in sentencing.

The number of drug-related deaths due to homicides in addition to those of overdose deaths remain comparatively high in relation to other causes of crime-related deaths. Strong effort, however, is being made to combat this problem. In addition to street drugs, many people use prescription and over-the-counter drugs. A person may have a problem as a result of all of these areas of drug use and the law may be confused in determining blame for abuse. Basically, according to the law, abuse occurs if you take any drug for purposes other than for what it was intended such as for medical use. In fact, it is not street drugs but the drug store variety that dominate the statistics on drug-related deaths and emergencies. This may cause resentment among those with legal problems, and it is important to have the legal distinctions clarified by legal counsel and to have your rights protected. These factors make it critical to get legal help from the lawyers at DLP, to know where one stands, and what can be done to protect oneself.

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