Real Estate Lawyers in Waukegan, IL

Waukegan Real Estate Attorney

DLP represents clients in all types of residential and commercial real estate proceedings and transactions that deal with land as well as the structures attached to it. Real estate law is a highly complex and specialized area of legal practice. This area in which attempting to “do it yourself” without adequate legal advice and review can have long-term and frequently disastrous consequences for a number of reasons. Problems in real estate often do not become apparent for many years, but most could have been corrected easily at the time of purchase. Local state law and municipal ordinances may vary considerably from common assumptions, and since real estate is immobile, this can have serious consequences once a purchase is made. The law of real property is unique and raises special issues of practice and problems not present in other transactions. Since buying a home or building may be the most significant purchase a person or company will make, it is essential to have the services of our experienced real estate lawyers.

DLP has a broad-based real estate practice and represents clients in all aspects of real estate transaction and ownership issues. Our clients include developers, contractors, landlords, tenants, homeowners’ associations, and purchasers and sellers of real property. Some examples of services we provide are listed below:

  • Real Estate Sales Transactions
  • Real Estate Management Issues
  • Mortgage Base Financing Transactions
  • Closings
  • Purchase
  • Mechanic’s Liens
  • Condemnation Matters
  • Foreclosures
  • Development Agreements
  • Title Issues
  • Quitclaim Actions
  • Construction Contracts
  • Tax-Deferred Exchanges
  • Leases
  • Real Estate Tax Protest
  • Easements
  • Zoning and Land Use