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If you’ve been pulled over in Mundelein, IL, and charged with a DUI, either wrongfully or rightfully, a seasoned DUI lawyer from Daniels, Long & Pinsel can be your legal guide. Our attorneys provide an aggressive defense, aiming to minimize the consequences of your DUI charge, protect your rights, and ensure the best outcome in the legal process.

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When you’re facing DUI charges in the  Lake County court system, you need a DUI attorney who knows the local laws of Mundelein IL and its legal landscape.. The attorneys at Daniels, Long & Pinsel are not only seasoned professionals but local practioners with over 30 years of Lake County legal experience.

DUI charges are serious, but you are not in this alone. We process thousands of criminal files per year, and we specialize in aggressively fighting for our clients. Don’t leave your legal fate in doubt.. Reach out to a DUI attorney at Daniels, Long & Pinsel today.