Paternal Rights Lawyers in Waukegan, IL

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Our firm is experienced in protecting the rights of parents. These rights are not always clear on the surface, and they can go through subtle changes that may not be obvious. This is why the legal assistance of DLP should be sought as quickly as you suspect any sort of problem. We stay with a client as we know that circumstances change and future additional legal help may be needed with problems from the neighborhood to schools and playgrounds.

Parental rights may be an issue even for parents who are not currently parents or are not recognized or consulted as parents, such as divorced fathers or biological and foster parents. For example, when someone adopts a child, both the biological and adoptive parents must have their rights clarified. People may feel abused by adoption agencies and others acting as intermediaries facilitating the adoption. Independent adoptions often have a different set of circumstances than institutional methods. This is especially important since independent adoption allows prospective adoptive and birth parents more control over the adoption process. Surrogate parents and donors have a special set of problems, and they may change their mind as to having access to the child. If a parent remarries, stepparents may want to adopt the children of those whom they marry. They often accuse the biological non-custodial parent of neglect to justify the stepparent adoption. The biological parent will need legal help to protect a position that otherwise may be lost.

Children can get into trouble with the law or the state may decide for some reason to intervene in a custodial way. Even if children are not removed from the home, parents may have their rights threatened by powerful agencies. They are usually helpless to fight for their rights against this power without the help of our experienced lawyers who know how to protect the rights of parents.

A family may be disrupted by divorce or other problems that requires the rights of parents to be protected. Even after children are grown, parents may have legal problems. Fox example, trying to protect children in medical situations when they disagree with a spouse or an insurance company or some other party with control over what happens to their adult children. As grandparents, they may have to petition a court to visit with their progeny. The lawyers at DLP are experts in all of these areas. Our lawyers can save the rights of parents and allow them to keep their relationship with their family and their dignity as parents.