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DLP's lawyers have a long history and a wide range of expertise in dealing with the powers and liabilities of state and local government and municipal corporations, including matters such as land use, zoning issues, and municipal employment disputes. We have represented numerous municipalities as lawyers and prosecutors. Having worked in both the public and private sectors gives us a unique understanding of the business, political, and legal problems that municipalities face.

DLP's litigation practice, including appellate work, is tailored to the needs of each client. We have extensive experience with litigation and appeals, including a full understanding of specific appellate procedural rules and filing deadlines as well as essential steps required by government agencies at all levels.

DLP's years of experience with trial practice and mediation allow us to analyze issues, risks, and exposure for litigation. We also have expertise in determining when arbitration, mediation, facilitation, mini-trials, and private judging is in the best interest of clients and meets their needs better than traditional litigation. Our experience with municipalities in Lake County as well as state and national agencies makes us uniquely fitted for understanding the complexity and the complete range of local needs with municipal law.

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