Exceptions That Allow the Court to Admit Hearsay As Evidence

Courtroom Witnesses — Waukegan, IL — Daniels, Long & Pinsel, LLCHearsay, statements made outside the courtroom, are typically inadmissible as evidence in criminal trials. Like most laws, however, there are exceptions to the rule. Below are some of the exceptions that allow courts to accept hearsay as evidence.

Present Sense Impression

Many people like to describe their experiences. For example, if you are on a bus with a broken air conditioner (AC), you might complain to the person next to you about the hot weather. In such a case, the court may allow your statement as evidence of whether or not you are available to testify.

The rationale is that you would only have commented on the hot weather if you were truly feeling hot. With that rationalization, your statement is more likely to be true. (more…)

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