3 Reasons to Go to Rehab After a Drug Arrest

If you have recently been arrested for drug possession, you could be wondering which steps you should take now. Drug charges can be scary and can leave you wondering about your future, and you probably want to do what you can to help. One good

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4 Ways a DUI Can Become a Felony in Illinois

A DUI charge in Illinois comes with penalties that can severely affect anyone’s life. However, a misdemeanor DUI charge can turn into a felony charge for several reasons. Once the charge becomes a felony, the penalties become harsher. Here is a look at how a

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Help With Personal Injury Claims After a Car Accident

With so many drivers on the road, car accidents are an unfortunate reality. If you’re ever involved in a car accident, the hope is that it’s minor and barely disrupts your life. When the accident isn’t minor and it results in a major disruption in

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