Mistakes That Will Jeopardize Your Case After a Criminal Charge

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A criminal charge can stress and debilitate you emotionally, especially if you have never been arrested before. As a result, you may not know what to do or avoid. And this increases the risk of making mistakes that will jeopardize your case and your chances of a favorable outcome. Discover some mistakes to avoid after a criminal charge.

Talking to the Police

You will likely feel intimidated after an arrest, which pushes you to want to defend yourself and prove your innocence to the police. However, anything you say to the police can be used against you. The police are trained interrogators and may try to make you plead guilty. The police may also twist your words or take them out of context.

Therefore, remain silent, and ask for a lawyer immediately. If the police persist, tell them that you will only speak in the presence of your lawyer.

Not Hiring a Criminal Defense Attorney

You may think you will save money if you represent yourself or use a public defender. But that’s your first step to failure.

Criminal law is complex and requires someone knowledgeable about the law to navigate the requirements successfully. A reliable criminal defense lawyer can investigate your case, challenge the evidence against you, and negotiate with the prosecutor for a lesser charge or sentence.

Furthermore, an experienced lawyer will be familiar with the judges and prosecutors in your jurisdiction and may be able to get a more favorable outcome. As such, the benefits of a criminal defense lawyer by your side exceed the amount you spend on the service. The attorney will certainly save you from mistakes that could delay your justice.

Violating Your Probation

Based on the nature of your crime, the court may place you on probation rather than send you to jail. Probation allows you to go home, but you will be under a probation officer who will monitor your moves during a given period.

You must observe all the probation rules and conditions. For instance, you should report to your probation officer as directed by the court. Other rules to follow during probation include:

  • You shouldn’t leave the state without the court’s approval
  • You shouldn’t possess a firearm
  • You shouldn’t violate any criminal law
  • You shouldn’t skip any fine payments
  • You shouldn’t miss drug tests

You risk going to jail if you violate any of the probation rules. Also, you may be charged with other offenses that narrow your chances of a successful case.

Posting on Social Media

Again, anything you post on social media can be used against you in court. Even if you delete a post, the prosecution can still recover the post and may use the information to impeach you.

Therefore, as lonely or tempting as it may get, avoid social media altogether. Or at least refrain from posting anything about your case. If you must use social media, don’t discuss your case with anyone except your lawyer.

Failing to Show Up for Court

The court expects you to attend your arraignment, pretrial hearings, and trial. If you miss a court session without a viable reason, the court issues a warrant for your arrest. You may also find yourself in contempt of court, which can result in jail time.

To avoid such mishaps, keep track of all the dates of your court appearances and show up on time. If you can’t make it, call your lawyer and ask for a continuance.

The secret to a successful case after a criminal charge is not to get in more trouble with the law. Most importantly, hire a lawyer to guide you through the requirements and save you from paying for a crime you didn’t commit.

You can trust us at Daniels, Long & Pinsel to represent you after a criminal charge. We specialize in a range of criminal offenses and have extensive experience to take you through your case. Contact us for more inquiries.

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