Dressing and Grooming Tips for Your Courtroom Appearances

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Expect your appearance to play a role in court proceedings. Ideally, only the facts of the case and the available evidence should matter. However, the world has conditioned people to judge others based on their appearance, even if subconsciously. Therefore, ensure that your dressing and grooming will project an image that can strengthen your case.

Below are some helpful tips to use.

Dress Comfortably

Ensure all aspects of your attire are comfortable. Court sessions can sometimes be lengthy. Uncomfortable attire might leave you fidgety before the case ends. The judge or jury might misread signs of your discomfort and assume you are lying during your testimony. Your nervousness can also distract people from the proceedings.

Dress Conservatively and Formally

You don’t want your clothing to draw attention to yourself or to your clothes. Choose conservative clothing – the kind people would describe as restrained or traditional. The conservative dressing can also help you seem trustworthy. Things like pantsuits, jackets with slacks, or dressy separates (like jackets and dress pants) can work.

Different colors project different images. For example, many people consider dark gray or blue as formal colors, which makes them good choices. Avoid clothes with multicolored clothing or clothes with patterns that stand out. A good rule of thumb is to dress as you would for a job interview. That also rules out things like sports shoes, tank tops, leggings, and T-shirts.

Avoid Distractive Accessories

Your clothing isn’t the only thing that can distract the court. Accessories, such as glasses, necklaces, and bracelets, can also be distractive. First, keep your accessories and jewelry to a minimum. Second, ensure the accessories don’t stand out too much. For example, shiny or brightly colored accessories are not the best choice.

Avoid a Strong Appearance

Your clothing and grooming should not project a strong image. You want the judge or jury to see you as the victim you are. Most people see accident victims as weak, and a strong appearance might dissipate some of the sympathy that the judge or jury might have had for you. That means, for example, that outdoor or hiking boots should not be part of your attire.

Avoid Obviously Expensive Attire

Everything you do or say should make the judge or jury want to decide in your favor. For personal injury law, you may want to recover more damages. Few people will give you a lot of money if they think you are rich. Therefore, don’t splurge on the most expensive clothes and jewelry. Even if your clothes are expensive, they shouldn’t be obviously so. For example, leave your gold
accessories at home.

Clean Up

You should also make an effort to be likable, which means you need to clean up. Many people might distrust you if you appear for your trial disheveled. If you are a man, shave and trim your hair. If you have a beard, trim it. You want to appear clean and presentable so as not to appear shifty.

Avoid Strong Scents

You don’t have to use perfume, but if you opt to use some, ensure it isn’t an overwhelming scent. For one, people have different opinions on scents. What you might think of as attractive might be a turn-off for others. As an accident plaintiff, you don’t want to do anything that others find a turn-off. An overwhelmingly strong scent can also distract the courtroom just as your dressing and jewelry.

Your lawyer will prepare you for your courtroom appearance. Ensure you follow the lawyer’s advice to the letter. Daniels Long & Pinsel has practiced law for over 25 years. We know what it takes to help our clients get the legal solutions they deserve. Contact us for a consultation on your case to determine the way

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