Tips for Hiring a Criminal Defense Attorney

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Are you facing a criminal charge but don’t know what to do? If so, it’s time you start looking for a good criminal defense attorney. There are many charges that can prompt you to look for a criminal defense lawyer. Among them are arson, money laundering, assault, and burglary. Hiring this type of attorney is the only thing that can save you from hefty fines or a prison sentence. Finding someone who understands the criminal law and dedicates to protecting your legal rights can be challenging.

Check out these tips to help you find the best attorney for your criminal case.

Experience and Specialty

Criminal law is a professional field requiring high competency levels. Lawyers can only become competent after practicing the law for some time. Experience determines one’s competency. Hire an attorney who has practiced criminal law for some time. Check their websites to verify the period they have been in the field.

An experienced criminal defense attorney understands all the loopholes of criminal law. The lawyer’s work history should also be a factor of consideration. Don’t go for a criminal defense attorney with a history of losing the clients’ cases. You should not shy off asking the lawyer about the cases they have handled and those that have been a success.

The lawyer’s specialty is also important if you want quality legal services. Here, you should hire an attorney who practices criminal defense law only. A lawyer who handles different cases lacks the necessary expertise and skills to represent you in court. If possible, you should choose a lawyer specializing in the criminal charges you’re facing.

Licensing and Accreditation

The American Bar Association (ABA) requires every lawyer to have a legal operating license. Licensing proves that the lawyer is well-trained and understands everything concerning their field. Hiring a licensed criminal defense attorney will give you confidence as a client. You will have peace of mind knowing that your case is not in the wrong hands.

Note that there are also fake licenses. Ensure that the lawyer has a relevant and legal criminal law license. Don’t overlook the lawyer’s profile on your state bar, as it will help you validate their licensing and registration. Accreditation proves that the attorney academically qualifies to practice criminal law. There are ways of confirming the accreditation of the attorney you’re hiring. You can check the accreditation certificate, bar association, law school accreditation, or Better Business Bureau.


Like in other fields, the law field is also full of fraudsters. Fake lawyers will do everything to convince you that they are legitimate. A fake criminal defense attorney will steal your money and make you lose the case. You can’t tell that a lawyer is reputable from a look on their face. There are several things to help you know if you’re hiring a fraudster or not. One of them is the lawyer’s online reviews. Take time to check the attorney’s website and read reviews from past clients.

Avoid a lawyer with a trend of negative reviews and complaints from the clients. Close friends and family can also enlighten you about the lawyer’s reputation. Get recommendations from people that know the lawyer in person. You should request the attorney to give you the past clients’ contacts and names. The lawyer’s state bar profile will also help you confirm their reputation.

Finding a good criminal defense attorney does not have to be overwhelming. You need to be very patient when looking for one to avoid making mistakes. A good criminal defense attorney will take care of all the paperwork, help you understand the charges you’re facing, and defend you. Contact us today for your legal representation in the court if you are facing charges against criminal acts.

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